Premium 750ml Prosecco, for those who value cork popping tradition and for those craving freedom, there are endless possibilities from parties to picnics with our 200ml sustainable cans of White and Rosé Secco. Our ICH Prosecco is made in Italy, bottled in Austria.

RICH secco in the golden can stands for its premium quality: This sheer pleasure for all connoisseurs is made from the Glera grape in Salgareda, Italy at our winery Casa Vinicola Bosco Malera Srl. RICH continues to deliver the customary quality. RICH Secco offers an unbeatable combination of glamor and convenience.

A very special sparkling wine made from the Raboso grape. The exquisite aromas of raspberries and strawberries free your mind. The mild taste relaxes your senses and brings harmony to your soul. Whether as an aperitif, for brunch or simply on a break, RICH Secco rosé enhances every occasion with serenity and optimism.

RICH offers convenience without compromising on quality, bringing sparkling luxury on the go. RICH also offers fizz in the 0,75l Prosecco bottle. This incredible wine seduces and inspires all of those that sip it. RICH Prosecco is only produced from the noble Treviso grapes from Italy and it will remain so in the future.