Why the Sale of Sparkling Rosé Wine is booming this year!

With the warm weather, come the BBQ’s and the hot summer evenings.. so what beverage could be more suitable than a fresh and chilled glass or can of RICH secco Rosé? Well, there isn’t one! Our sparkling wine is easy to drink and works well as a thirst-quencher on a hot day. It pairs well with foods such a broad variety of cheeses to sandwiches, grilled seafood and chicken. It also harmonizes well with internationally spiced dishes including Asian, Indian and Morcoccan cuisine.


It has been shown that the sales of Sparkling Rosé Wine have increased by 250% this summer! Either due to the celebrations of the end of COVID restrictions, or more simply down to the fact that is it full of flavour and low in alcohol (compared to the high spirits hehe) making it great mixture for fruity summer cocktails. And thanks to its versatility, you can use it as a base to create huge variety of mixed drinks.


It is also the great equaliser of wines as red wine fans still get their red and black fruits, and white wine fans still get their refreshing sip. Of course stocked here at RICH, we offer our secco rosé in a classy pink can and continuing to impress our RICH lovers with its refreshingly light and fruity taste! The wonderful pink Vino Frizzante is being produced in our traditional winery Bosco Viticultori, which is located in Salgareda, the heart of eastern Veneto. The mild taste relaxes the senses and harmonizes your mind, perfect at every moment.


Good news! Even when the autumn rains shall begin, you should still be able to fully enjoy our Rosé. With Rosé being one of the easiest wines to pair with food, it is a great wine to match with the many different flavors! What about paring our RICH secco Rosé at your next Thanksgiving dinner? Well- what a good idea, isn’t it? Our suggestion is to pair its refreshing fruity flavors to a bowl of warm soup or simply a seafood starter.



With that being said Rosé will be staying in our kitchens all year round. We can conclude that its just simply an irresistible drink for all the wine lovers out there! Make sure to check out our secco Rosè to get a good idea on what luxury Secco Rosé tastes like!

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