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RICH Secco and RICH Prosecco. Order now in our online shop.

RICH Secco is not a Prosecco. RICH Secco is more. It is a lifestyle.

Our definition of modern Prosecco is glamour, fun, party mood, pleasure, seduction, lust and more. For those who love elegant sparkling Prosecco, the cool, golden can is the ideal companion at parties, the must-have in clubs, the feel-good drink for every girls night. RICH Prosecco in cans fits perfectly in any handbag and is also welcome in your favourite hair salon or any In-boutique. Everyone who likes sparkling wine, champagne or Prosecco will love RICH Secco. RICH Secco in the golden can is the classic of the product range and has defined its own lifestyle category in Prosecco segments right from the very beginning. Meanwhile, in addition to RICH Secco, further premium drinks in sparkling- and mixed-spirits-range are with RICH Secco Rosé, RICH Venice Sprizz, RICH Fire, RICH Vampire and RICH Ice on sale.
RICH has evolved a real convenience product in the Prosecco market that can not only be found in the good gastronomy, at many events, in good food trade but also practically to take away in many petrol stations. Also discover our secco online shop. You can order here on RICHprosecco.com RICH Secco and all other products comfortably and easily online. Explore your favourite flavour. By the way, RICH also offers finest Prosecco in Prosecco and magnum bottles.

RICH product overview

  • RICH Secco - Chill and Dream– Secco Vino Frizzante (0,2l can).
  • RICH Secco Venice Sprizz – Taste of Extravagance – Secco Venice Sprizz (0,2l can).
  • RICH Fire – Hard Stuff – Whiskey-Cola with a taste of Greentea (0,25l can).
  • RICH Ice – Hard and Strong – Wodka-Lemon with a taste of Greentea (0,25l can).
  • RICH Vampire – Most Dangerous – Wodka-Lemon Mix (0,25l can).
  • RICH Prosecco – Just Classic – Prosecco Millesimato (0,75l bottle).
  • RICH Rose – Chill and Dream – Spumante (0,75l bottle).
  • RICH Magnum – Magnum Classic – Prosecco Millesimato (1,5l bottle).
  • RICH Geschenkebox – Giftbox – Für Partys, Hochzeiten und alle anderen Veranstaltungen