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The idea of bottling Prosecco was already created at the 2000 Millennium celebration in Ischgl. The way to first test the can was then only a matter of implementation. Today, thanks to Rich Prosecco sparkling wine in a can, the beverage market has become indispensable.

The millennium was a unique event on New Year's Eve in Ischgl. The village was a huge party destination, where those from all over the world were celebrating and dancing. There was only one problem: How to provide the celebrants in the whole area easily with drinks? At this time, hotelier Günther Aloys began to imagine the of bottling champagne in cans.

From the idea to the first can
In 2002, the first test cans were filled with champagne, Prosecco and Bellini were with specially produced labels. It took another two years until the idea could be implemented to fill this innovative product with high-quality Prosecco as a convenience. Of course, the new product from Aloys also had to be marketed professionally. The Prosecco in the tin had to be known beyond the borders of Austria.

Famous "overnight"
In order to raise awareness, Günther Aloys hired the lifestyle and fashion icon Paris Hilton in 2005. And this polarizing decision was just the thing, because today surveys show that RICH is still strongly connected to Paris Hilton’s image!

Millenium Günther Aloys has the vision of bottling champagne or champagne in cans to create a sophisticated convenience product.

  • 2002 First test bottling of wine and sparkling wine.
  • 2003-2005 Development of the can coating, as well as the necessary filling technology.
  • 2006 Product launch of RICH Prosecco with Paris Hilton
  • 2007 Already 7 million cans sold
  • 2009 Foundation of RICH AG. Amendment of the legal provisions prohibiting the bottling of Prosecco in cans.
  • 2010 Complete product relaunch. Introduction of RICH Secco in a can as a compensation for RICH Prosecco. Extension of the product range to RICH Secco Rosé, as well as the bottled RICH Prosecco.