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Günther Aloys
Visionary and the inventor of the Rich Prosecco product
Günther Aloys, CEO of Rich AG, has always been one step ahead. It was his innovative ideas, which made his hotels the best addresses in Ischgl and his project, which made Ischgl one of the most extraordinary ski regions. With the Rich-Prosecco product concept, he established himself on the beverage market.

It was the construction of the very first designer hotels in the Alps, the Madlein Hotel in Ischgl and the four-star Elizabeth Hotel – Queen of the Silvretta, which made Aloys famous. He is well-known as a mastermind for innovative gastronomy both inside Austria and beyond the borders.

Concerts on the mountain
Many trends were set by Günther Aloys. He was the first promoter to bring music’s top acts onto the mountain slopes. It was he, who first made the move towards event tourism, which now attracts many guests year after year.

Hotelier with enthusiasm
Both of his hotels in Ischgl are considered to be popular holiday accommodation for international celebrities. Luxury and comfort are of the highest priorities, plus Aloys’ innovative ideas that can be seen everywhere.
Apart from being a hotelier, Günther Aloys is also something of an event-marketing and lifestyle guru. He has just landed his latest coup with his Rich Prosecco beverage; a contract with Paris Hilton, as well as promoting some unique Rich events. This is, of course, due to his enormous know-how along with his celebrity contacts.