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RICH - a sparkling lifestyle

RICH is not just Secco. RICH RICH is so much more. RICH is a way of life.

Our definition of modern Secco emulates glamor and adds a touch of fizzy fun to any event. For those who love a drink that truly sparkles, the cool, golden cans are the perfect companion at parties, a must-have in clubs, the real go to drink for your evening. The RICH Secco can perfectly fits in any handbag and is also popular with your favorite barber or the in-store. Anyone who likes champagne, sparkling wine, champagne or prosecco will love RICH Secco. RICH Secco in the golden box is the first classic in the RICH product range and has defined its own lifestyle category in the Prosecco segment right from the start. Meanwhile, RICH Secco offers RICH Secco Rosé, another premium sparkling beverage. RICH has developed a convenient product that has revolutionised the wine market. You can find us at the best bars and restaurants as well as at events and in selected stores for you to collect enjoy at home.
Discover our Secco online shop, order online here on RICHprosecco.com RICH Secco and all other products. Discover your RICH taste.
Incidentally, RICH also offers the finest Prosecco in the traditional 0.75 litre sharing bottle.